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Biggy 237 is a Cameroon reality show, Nurturing Talent and Inspiring Hope in young Cameroonians. Biggy237 is a talent driven show which brings out creativity, innovation and showcase the talent of its contestants. Biggy237 creates a platform to showcase the skills and talents of its contestants, while entertaining the public. The first season of Biggy 237 will kick off in January 2020, with contestants battling to become the first Biggy237 millionaire, sign partnership deals and an opportunity for an all paid vacation abroad. Biggy237 was created in August 2019 and is open to all Cameroonians residing at home or abroad. To be a contestant you should be 21 year and above to be considered for this maiden national edition. Selected contestants will have to communicated in English, French, Pidgin, and Frananglais during their stay in Biggy’s house.

The Birth Of BIGGY237

The Initiative was first initiated as a pilot project by a group of Cameroonians from the Northwest Region
who pride themselves as “We Love Ndop”. Ndop is a small town in the Ngoketunjia region of the North
West Region. A pilot project name “bigg broda Ndop” ran for about four months. It ended with the winner
announced at Holiday Inn Limbe. Mboufoung Carine was the winner of the pilot project.


– Nurturing and showcasing Talent, Inspiring Hope
– Leaving together
– Entertainment
– Intersecting with public through votes
– Making the Winner a millionaire


Biggy is an invisible leader of a closed society. Biggy dictates to its inhabitants. Biggy is authoritative and
has surveillance of the people under his control with listening devices and cameras. The society, totalitarian
and Biggy is the head of the totalitarian regime. Everyone in this society is under surveillance by Biggy,
which reminds people of an endless catchphrase “Bigg237 is watching You,” showing a mindset of a Biggy
in control. Generally, the idea conveys a line of propaganda, meaning contestants or mates have to follow
what Biggy237 wants them to do, and if they do not, Biggy237 will know, as he spies on them all the time.
Taking into consideration that these contestants are selected from the 10 Regions of Cameroon, this TV
reality show can reunite and promote peace and stability.


Biggy237 is a TV reality show presented for the general public in such away its delivery cuts across all ages
from teenagers to adults. In other words its viewers will cut across all ages, sex , religion and class.


Due to the high level of work put in , as well as the organization and the well packaged segment, the quality
of the content of production, the style of presentation and the unlimited viewers, Biggy237 will work hand
in hand in exchange of services with sponsors and partners to reach its gold.


Biggy237 is a TV reality show that will be broadcast live throughout the national territory. The show is divided into two phases.

Phase 1:

– 2 months of out of house tasks given to contestants by Biggy and completed in 30seconds video

– Launching of edition one
– Various outdoor recreational activities of contestant proposed by Biggy in consultation with the
– Biggy street journalist visits to contestants in various cities
– 3-4 weeks mental and physical preparation of 25 contestants moving to phase 2.

Phase 2:
– Opening ceremony
– Moving 25 contestants to Biggy’s house
– Daily task by Biggy
– 1 day of weekend night out
– 1 day of weekend house parties with an invited celebrity
– Relative visit
– Sunday Evictions
– Closing ceremony
H) Broadcasting
– Official Media Partner, BT Media, LIVE Broadcast
– Media Partner, HI TV Buea, Rebroadcast
– Live Streaming
– live streaming
– YouTube Biggy Channel
– Biggy237 Updates via various Social Medial Handles
Biggy237 will be broadcast 24 hours every day, in other to permit the public follow up all the activities of
the house mates as their stay in the house depend on public votes.


About Biggy237

Biggy237 is Cameroon Reality TV Show. The initiative was initiated by a group of Cameroonians from the Northwest Region who pride themselves as “We Love Ndop”. Ndop is a small town in the Ngoketunjia region of the North West Region. A pilot project name “bigg broda Ndop” ran for about four months.Read More



+237 650 956 770

Buea , South West Region 0100 CMR

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