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Biggy237 is a talent driven show.

Biggy237 is a talent driven show.

The initiative was initiated by a group of Cameroonians from the Northwest Region who pride themselves as “We Love Ndop”. Ndop is a small town in the Ngoketunjia region of the North West Region. A pilot project name “bigg broda Ndop” ran for about four months. It ended with the winner announced at Holiday Inn Limbe. Mbofung Carinehttps://www.facebook.com/mbofung.carine was the winner of the pilot project.

Biggy237 was created in August 2019 and is open to all Cameroonians residing at home or abroad. To be a contestant you should be 21 year and above to be considered for this maiden national edition. Biggy237 is a talent driven show which brings out creativity, innovation and showcase the talent of its contestants. The first season of Biggy 237 will kick off in January 2020, with contestants battling to become the first Biggy237 millionaire.

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